Seasonal storage tips

Whether it’s due to moving in with a partner, renting a smaller apartment near uni, or because of a growing family, there’s always a time in one’s life when space at home might be limited – particularly in the wardrobe department! So why not take advantage of seasonal changes to make the most of your free space and switch up your wardrobe at the same time?

When correctly stored in a port-a-robe box, placing seasonal clothing (such as winter woolies) into a small storage space is a great way to free up space at home for, well, more summer clothes. Okay, perhaps that was our inner shop-a-holic talking there… but in all seriousness – as it starts to cool down, just swap it around and put your summer clothes in storage and make the best use of space around the home.

While you’re at it – switching around your wardrobe between season is also a great opportunity to check for clothes that may no longer fit, or no longer suit your particular style or hobbies (eg. the spin class you never go to anymore – or that golf lesson you never went back to).

A great tip here is to place your clothes hangers the ‘wrong way around’ in your wardrobe. As you wear / wash / return each item to your wardrobe, place the item & hanger back on the bar around the correct way. Then, as the seasons ends, if you then have any clothes on hangers which are still facing the other way around you’ll instantly know that you haven’t yet worn that item all season and it might be a good opportunity to sell it on eBay, or donate it to a charity.

Either way, we’re here to help you with all of your self storage needs… so if you need a self storage unit in Foxton, get in touch today!